Sound Cell Studios logoSound Cell Studios is the name of my MIDI production studio where it all happens.
From writing and creating to mixing, producing and mastering. Everything revolves around the Apple Mac computer and the Behringer MX 8000 mixing desk. I tend to run as much of the gear 'live' as I can when I'm mixing, only the old analogue stuff is recorded usually.

In the past few years I seem to have amassed a fair bit of music making gear. All the outboard gear (effects rack) was bought before I was using a computer for audio and was the only way to treat sounds. I love getting a new 'toy' to mess with to see what new sounds I can prise out of it. It has been quite a while since I bought any new hardware though, I felt I had enough equipment to be going on with and have been using software instruments a bit more. Although I have recently discovered the musical instruments section on eBay... (Update: A Roland TR606 & MKS-70 have now been added!)

Photo inside Sound Cell Studios Photo inside Sound Cell Studios Photo inside Sound Cell Studios

Below is my current gear list, most of which has been used on the Unspoilt By Daylight CD. Click on the links to find out more about each item. I've always found it interesting to read about what equipment other artists are using and how they're using it.

  • Computer software
    • Apple Logic Pro
    • Apple WaveBurner
    • Arturia V Collection
    • Emagic SoundDiver
    • GForce - MTron, Oddity, Virtual String Machine
    • Korg Legacy Digital Edition
    • Native Instruments Pro-53
    • Propellerhead ReCycle
    • Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V
    • Waves Gold Native
Novation Supernova II

As you may have gathered from some of the descriptions, I do get a buzz out of my music gear. All this stuff does get used now and again depending what I feel will work best in a particular track.

Having a room full of equipment doesn't automatically make great tracks though; putting a decent track together is still a tricky task whether you have a room full of synths or just a piano. In some ways more gear can be a hindrance because you sometimes never know where the hell to start!

If I were starting out buying music gear today, you wouldn't need a lot of this hardware. Just a decent computer, digital audio workstation and MIDI keyboard is all that's really needed to get going.