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Alesis D4

Alesis D4

I got this drum module just after the Roland R8 to add more drum sounds to my sonic arsenal. It has hundreds of decent drum and percussion sounds which can also be found in the Alesis HR16/B and SR16. I was using those tiny drum trigger transducers on my real drum kit for a while with it, which worked OK and allowed the sampled drum sound to be triggered at the same time as the real drum sound, but they couldn't be used on cymbals. This did give me a taste of what I really wanted as a drummer though, and that was a proper electronic kit that I could use to play and record beats into a MIDI sequencer. I could then edit my rhythms (and tidy up the timing!) and change the drum sounds to whatever I liked.

So at the same time as I got my sampler, I traded in my much loved Pearl drum kit for a Simmons Hexahead kit. All the triggers from the kit are plugged into the D4, which then converts the 'hit' into MIDI data that can then be recorded in the sequencer. It is very accurate and I initially spent quite a bit of time setting it up to suit my style of playing so it didn't false trigger.

The D4 is used mainly for this purpose, so that I can make up and record beats for my tracks and then work on them in the sequencer, changing sounds, triggering cutup samples, etc.

I have used the sounds from the D4 in quite a few tracks too; there is some really useful samples in there that can fit in any style of music.