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Novation Supernova II

Novation Supernova II

This digital analogue modelling synth is my favourite synth at the moment and is my main master keyboard in the studio. It is possible to produce just about any analogue synth sound with this thing and a lot more besides. When I first got it and got to grips with it's way of working, I tried recreating some analogue type sounds out of other people's music that I hadn't been able to get close to before. With a bit of tweaking this synth managed to replicate them all EXACTLY.

One of the main reasons for getting this synth (apart from the vast array of knobs and sliders to program with) is that when it is used in multitimbral mode each of the 8 parts can have its own set of effects as if you are playing it in single patch mode. This basically means you can have up to 8 synths with full FX going at the same time! Because of this I went for the Pro-X 48 voice model, as I knew it would be getting used heavily.

I could ramble on for ages about this synth... another cool feature when used with a sequencer is that virtually all the knobs/sliders send out MIDI controller data. This is excellent for not only controlling the sounds within the synth itself in real time, but also any synth that can make use of that data as well such as plug-in instruments. Controlling something like the Arturia Minimoog V from the Supernova front panel is pretty cool!

This thing can sound huge, especially when you start using Unison mode and stacking up the oscillators, this makes it ideal for Trance and Euro House type sounds. It has a huge amount of patch memories and almost everything that is time based can be clocked via MIDI, LFO's, delays, etc. Oh yeah, it has a built in vocoder too that can produce some interesting noises... I do like this beast!