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Roland JV-1080

Roland JV-1080

At the time when I got this module, the only option I had for getting any 'real' sounds into my tracks was by using the sampler. The sampler's 32 voices were struggling to cope with what I was throwing at it especially when playing a few chords with string sounds. So I decided to get something that would produce decent 'real world' sample based sounds and would free up the polyphony on the sampler.

I tried it out at a local music store and was well impressed! This synth offers a huge array of different sounds, especially when you fill it with the expansion boards. I have the Vintage, Orchestral, Dance and World boards in mine.

Although it is better than the JD-800 in multitimbral mode, it still has its limitations with regards effects on any of the 16 parts. It has 64 voices, but like the JD-800, one key press can use up to 4 tones/voices. I tend to use it mostly in patch mode and edit it using SoundDiver on the Mac, it's easy to get lost when editing it from its own front panel.

I have used this synth on quite a lot of my tracks, there are so many useful patches in there, especially when you need something less 'synthesised'.