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Roland TB-303

Roland TB-303

What else is there to say about this little innocent looking silver box...
It defined a whole genre of music and I still love hearing it used today. I have used it on a few of my tracks and its squelching and 'creaking' can be heard on the tracks Rockin' On Top and Dirty Disco Fix amongst others.

I don't know what it is about the sound of this thing, but it does have a uniqueness to it that's hard to put your finger on. In theory you should be able to easily reproduce its sound on a whole range of more than capable synths but you always feel like there's something not quite there. I think the onboard sequencer and accent has a lot to do with its distinctive sound.

When I use it I'll program the patterns and tracks and then sync it to the computer using the Sync24 input. Then I'll start manically twiddling the knobs whilst recording!

I did pay a fair bit for this when I got it but it is in mint condition as the photo shows, even after all this time they are still going for silly money on eBay. Mental!