The main reason for putting this site together was to promote and let people hear my debut CD, Unspoilt By Daylight, so here it is, available for FREE download.
I'd like as many people as possible to hear these tracks, which is why the MP3's are free, hopefully you will get as much enjoyment out of them as I had creating them...
Any new material I create in the future will also appear on this page at some point, so be sure to check back now and again if you like what you hear!

Neon Lights (feat. Dave Sharpe)

This is my cover version of the Kraftwerk track and features vocals by Dave Sharpe.
Another cover version just for kicks. The original is just short of 9mins long so I thought I'd have a go at shortening the second half of the track a bit. This proved to be a harder task than first thought cause the original just flows effortlessly from one melody to another. I think this sounds OK though, especially the end section.
The original was released in 1978 and is taken from The Man Machine album.

Track Time MP3 File size
Neon Lights 7:07 Download Cellsonik - Neon Lights MP3 file 10.3 MB

Nobody's Diary (feat. Dion)

Here is my cover version of the Yazoo track and features vocals by Dion.
This track came about because I had just finished working on a couple of cover versions for my friend's Chapter 9 album, which I enjoyed doing, and I fancied having a go at one myself. I had also just bought a Roland Jupiter 4 synth and I wanted to do a track using that. So I had a go at recreating some of the sounds off this track and got pretty close. Most of the melody lines are the Jupiter 4 with the Roland SH101 used for bass. In the video for the Yazoo track Vince Clarke was playing the SH101 so I guess it was used for some parts in the original.
The original was released in 1983 and was the only single release from their second album, You and Me Both.

Track Time MP3 File size
Nobody's Diary 4:27 Download Cellsonik - Nobody's Diary MP3 file 6.4 MB

Unspoilt By Daylight

Cellsonik - Unspoilt By Daylight CD coverOn this CD you will find an eclectic mix of different dance music styles. From trance to house to big beat and drum and bass, I've tried to get in a bit of everything I enjoy about electronic music and then given it that special Cellsonik flavour!
All tracks have been written, programmed, recorded and mastered by Graham Robinson at Sound Cell Studios over a 10 year period. Most tracks are instrumentals with some vocal samples thrown in here and there, except for the last 2 tracks, the remixes.
Original versions of tracks 10 and 13 were written by Graham and Paul Robinson and the original versions of the remixes (tracks 14 and 15) were recorded by Tzars Of Fashion and Streem.

You can download the album below, either individual tracks or the whole album as a ZIP file. All MP3's are unrestricted MP3 format (192Kbps), so stick them on your MP3 player today and enjoy!

Track Time MP3 File size
1 Stack Up 4:43 Download Cellsonik - Stack Up MP3 file 6.6 MB
2 Breaking Free 4:32 Download Cellsonik - Breaking Free MP3 file 6.3 MB
3 Rockin' On Top 5:16 Download Cellsonik - Rockin' On Top MP3 file 7.3 MB
4 Low Ranger 6:06 Download MP3 Cellsonik - Low Ranger MP3 file 8.5 MB
5 Dirty Disco Fix 6:04 Download MP3 Cellsonik - Dirty Disco Fix MP3 file 8.4 MB
6 Breathless 5:29 Download Cellsonik - Breathless MP3 file 7.6 MB
7 Aqua (Part 1) 5:24 Download MP3 Cellsonik - Aqua (Part 1) MP3 file 7.5 MB
8 Aqua (Part 2) 4:26 Download MP3 Cellsonik - Aqua (Part 2) MP3 file 6.2 MB
9 Redlight In Daylight 3:51 Download Cellsonik - Redlight In Daylight MP3 file 5.4 MB
10 Erase The Decade 4:23 Download Cellsonik - Erase The Decade MP3 file 6.1 MB
11 Think About You 5:13 Download Cellsonik - Think About You MP3 file 7.3 MB
12 The Deepest Chill 5:29 Download Cellsonik - The Deepest Chill MP3 file 7.6 MB
13 Sync Inside 4:06 Download Cellsonik - Sync Inside MP3 file 5.7 MB
14 Tzarina (Lost On The Dance Floor Mix) 4:34 Download Cellsonik - Tzarina (Lost On The Dance Floor Mix) MP3 file 6.4 MB
15 State Of Mind (Altered Mind State Mix) 5:10 Download Cellsonik - State Of Mind (Altered Mind State Mix) MP3 file 7.2 MB
Total running time: 1:14:46
Download the complete album as a ZIP file >> Download the complete Cellsonik - Unspoilt By Daylight album as a ZIP file 103.4 MB