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This page is dedicated to other musical projects that I've been involved with, somewhere to put music I've worked on with other musicians really. Many people have shown an interest in some of this music so I thought it should be available for everyone to hear.

Chapter 9 - Tonight Matthew We're Going To Be:

Chapter 9 - Tonight Matthew We're Going To Be: CD coverThis covers album project was put together by Kev Butler, along with a number of other talented musician friends working on each track with him. Most of the 14 tracks were recorded in 2008 and cover a range of different musical styles.
I worked on 2 tracks on this album and also mastered the CD.
The first track is Faith Healer by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band; this is a cover of the version from their 1975 'Live' album. Kev played lead and bass guitar, Dave Sharpe provided vocals and I did the drums, keyboards, programming & mixing.
The second track is When Things Explode by Unkle from their War Stories album. Kev played guitars, Paul Hine was on vocals and I added the synths, beats, programming & mixing.

You can download the 2 tracks below. All MP3's are unrestricted MP3 format (192Kbps).

Track Time MP3 File size
1 Faith Healer 5:42 Download Chapter 9 - Faith Healer MP3 file 8 MB
14 When Things Explode 5:33 Download Chapter 9 - When Things Explode MP3 file 7.8 MB

If you are a fan of either The Sensational Alex Harvey Band or Unkle and have listened to these cover versions, I would love to hear what you think of them, please get in touch.

Tzars Of Fashion - Freeze Frame

Tzars Of Fashion - Freeze Frame CD coverThis CD project was a collaboration between myself and Kev Butler. The idea was for me to handle the techno side of things and Kev to provide the initial song ideas and live input, such as vocals, live guitars and bass. It worked very well considering the equipment I had at the time. This was before I had a computer for audio recording and most of the live tracks were recorded onto a Akai S3200 sampler. I learnt a hell of a lot whilst working on this project, especially about digital audio and how it can be manipulated.
All the tracks were written & recorded between 1996-97 at Sound Cell Studios. Other musicians that appeared on the CD were vocalist Tony Dolan (tracks 3 and 7) and Paul Robinson adding additional keyboard input.
I suppose if I were pushed into describing the type of music on this CD it would be something along the lines of indie/industrial/techno crossover, although some may disagree, I never know where the boundaries of some musical genres start and end. I don’t like trying to put music into 'boxes', it's pointless, you either like something or you don't...

You can download the album below, either individual tracks or the whole album as a ZIP file. All MP3's are unrestricted MP3 format (192Kbps).

Track Time MP3 File size
1 This Is This 3:20 Download Tzars Of Fashion - This Is This MP3 file 4.6 MB
2 Tzarina 4:35 Download Tzars Of Fashion - Tzarina MP3 file 6.3 MB
3 Tomorrow People 5:32 Download Tzars Of Fashion - Tomorrow People MP3 file 7.7 MB
4 Burn 7:58 Download Tzars Of Fashion - Burn MP3 file 11 MB
5 Angel’s Trumpets, Devil’s Trombones 6:52 Download Tzars Of Fashion - Angel’s Trumpets, Devil’s Trombones MP3 file 9.5 MB
6 Freeze Frame 3:37 Download Tzars Of Fashion - Freeze Frame MP3 file 5 MB
7 Begin Again 6:28 Download Tzars Of Fashion - Begin Again MP3 file 8.9 MB
8 The Dark: a) The Madness In Dreams b) Vortex 5:46 Download Tzars Of Fashion - The Dark: a) The Madness In Dreams b) Vortex MP3 file 8 MB
9 The Dark: c) Dance The Dance 3:52 Download Tzars Of Fashion - The Dark: c) Dance The Dance MP3 file 5.4 MB
10 Leper’s End 5:53 Download Tzars Of Fashion - Leper’s End MP3 file 8.1 MB
Total running time: 53:53
Download the complete album as a ZIP file >> Download the complete Tzars Of Fashion album as a ZIP file 73.7 MB