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Sound On Sound review - June 2009

Sound On Sound - June 09 magazine coverUnspoilt By Daylight review in Sound On Sound magazine - June 2009 Open quotes Graham Robinson, aka Cellsonik, has been producing electronic music since 1992. He admits that he's not the fastest songwriter (he only finished this CD in 2007), but, curiously, there are elements here that I feel he should have spent a bit more time on.
Unspoilt By Daylight is a 15-track album covering an assortment of electronica bases - including breakbeat, trance, drum & bass and house - to varying degrees of success. I have to say I'm not too keen on some of the synth parts, which smack a little of lazy preset-tickling and, to my ears at least, lack the kind of attention to detail that sets a really good dance tune apart from the rest.
It's not all bad though, fortunately. The drum programming, particularly on the handful of jungle tracks (definitely Graham's forté), sounds much more authentic and 'pro' - it's just a shame that the percussion is pushed so far back in most of the mixes. My advice to him would be to develop that side of things and make the drums the main focus in his music, as this would allow him to be a bit more sparing with the (none-too-convincing, frankly) synth sounds that pepper this album.
Close quotes
Chris Korff

You can also read the review on the Sound On Sound website.

Independent review - 11th June 2008

Open quotes Found a link to your website from Sound on Sound Forum and I've got to say it sounds great. There is a great energy in these tracks. It sounds like you absolutely bursting with ideas and it seems to just flow with creativity. The production is great. With todays dance music it has got so dull that listening to tracks like these it is actually really inspiring. If I was a record company I would snap this up no problems. I make music myself and have just opened up a site at I have been listening to loads of demos on and most of them are pretty crappy so it really is good to come across something inspiring... Close quotes
Markus Trigoney

Tzars Of Fashion - Freeze Frame CD cover Here are a couple of reviews that were received for the Tzars Of Fashion - Freeze Frame CD

The Westmorland Gazette - Off The Record - July 3rd, 1998 (local newspaper)

Open quotes Tzars is a bit like Tears For Fears with attitude. The opening track, called This Is This, is particularly good (the spoken intro grabs the attention) and the song Tzarina has some delicately done keyboards (I'd pick out this song as the single). Close quotes
Helen Williams

The Mix magazine - A & R dept - Issue 58, February 1999

The Mix magazine cover - Issue 58Tzars Of Fashion review in The Mix magazineOpen quotes Cool. A good strong dose of hard rock tinged with techno to move things along. Tzars Of Fashion (great name by the way, chaps) use shedloads of studio equipment, and come out smiling with the livest sound it's possible to get without a full band being present. Kevin, one half of the duo, plays in guitar-based band Spinbox, so this may explain the apparent ease with which they got the stuff down onto his trusty Akai S3200. 'Tomorrow People' is pure Urban Dance Squad; fast and furious with manic singing/raps. The mood here encompasses many namechecks, from Trent Reznor and Prodigy to Led Zep and Jethro Tull, and given the array of influences, it's a wonder that Tzars Of Fashion have managed to put together such a seamlessly coherent 54 minutes' worth of material. 'Burn' contains a judicious sample of Madonna's 'Erotica', and, in fact it would stand up brilliantly as an off-the-wall remix of the megastar's track. The only reservation here is the squeaky clean vocal nuances of Kevin. Stuff like this really cries out for a raucous edge, which he can't quite muster. More booze and fags needed, perhaps? That aside, there are some truly groundbreaking ideas going on, and with a little more honing they deserve to find a comfortable niche in the ever-growing fraternity of dance/rock crossover. Close quotes
Verdict: Fashionably cool. 8/10
Nick Serre

Both Kev and I were very surprised to see this review, especially when you consider all the demo tapes/CD's the magazine must get sent. In this issue there was a demo of the month as usual and the next 'ratings' down were 8 out of 10. There were 2 demos at this rating and ours was one of them.
I'd just like to point out that the reviewer got the Madonna sample track wrong, it was in fact from 'Justify My Love', the one that uses the Public Enemy breakbeat.
And while we're on the subject of setting the record straight, the review implies the Akai S3200 belongs to Kev... 4 bloody grand that thing cost me and I don't own it apparently!