Cellsonik is the creative name of electronic musician and producer Graham Robinson, I have been writing original and diverse electronic music since 1992.

My music is mainly instrumental with a few samples thrown in here and there, the styles range from house to techno, from big beat to drum & bass. As a fan of many different genres of electronic / house / dance music, I'm always trying to create something new, drawing on many influences and hopefully producing something that's got its own unique sound.

Check out any of the 15 tracks from my debut album Unspoilt By Daylight by clicking on them in the music player on this page. If you would like to download any of them, please visit the music page where they are all available in FULL LENGTH for FREE.

To find out more about how I got started making music, take a look at the about page and to see what gear I use, take a look at the equipment page. On the other music page you can find out more about other projects I've been involved in and if you like, you can send me a message from the contact page.

Any new tracks or worthwhile news will be added to the site as and when they happen...

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