Roland R8 sound cards

SN-R8 Series - Sound Library Cards
SN-R8-01 Contemporary PercussionSN-R8-02 Jazz BrushSN-R8-03 Sound EffectsSN-R8-04 ElectronicSN-R8-05 JazzSN-R8-06 Ethnic PercussionSN-R8-07 MalletSN-R8-08 DrySN-R8-09 Power Drums U.S.A.SN-R8-10 DanceSN-R8-11 Metallic Percussion
Expanding the Human Rhythm Composers' sound palette...

Below is the complete sound listings for all 11 R8 sound cards. I have also added the card descriptions from a Roland promo leaflet from the early 90's that I have. (The first 9 cards only)
The Nuance column shows which sounds can be edited by the Nuance setting on the R8. This gives the sound a wider range of different timbres.
I have included a recording of the Roland Demo Song that came with each of the cards to give you a 'rough' idea of what you can do with each one. These have been recorded direct from my R8 with no effects added.

SN-R8-01 Contemporary Percussion

SN-R8-01 Contemporary PercussionRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "CARNAVAL"

"This card contains 26 types of contemporary percussion sounds including Brazilian instruments such as Surdo and Pandiero, Cuban instruments including Guiro and Timbale, and a selection of classical percussion instruments such as a concert bass drum and timpani."

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Low Timbale LOW_TB  
2 High Timbale HIGH_TB  
3 Open Pandiero OPN_PND  
4 Mute Pandiero MUT_PND  
5 Low Bongo LOW_BG  
6 High Bongo HIGH_BG  
7 Open Surdo OPN_SRD  
8 Mute Surdo MUT_SRD  
9 Vibra-Slap VIBSLAP  
10 Tamborim TMBORIM  
11 Open Cuica OPN_CUI  
12 Mute Cuica MUT_CUI  
13 Maracas MARACAS  
14 Cowbell 2 COWBEL2  
15 Long Guiro LNG_GUI  
16 Short Guiro SHO_GUI  
17 Triangle TRIANGL  
18 Tambourine 2 TAMBRN2  
19 Castanets CASTANE  
20 Wood Block WBLOCK  
21 Concert Bass Drum CON_BD Y
22 Timpani TIMPANI Y
23 Bell Tree BELTREE  
24 Kalimba KALIMBA  
25 Log Drum LOGDRUM  
26 Steel Drum STEELDR  

 SN-R8-02 Jazz Brush

SN-R8-02 Jazz BrushRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "Swingin"

"This card adds traditional jazz sounds to the R-8 library including acoustic bass, brushed drums and brushed cymbals. By taking advantage of these high-quality sounds and the Human Rhythm Composers' "Feel" function, the combination of an R-8/R-8M and piano can provide a realistic jazz trio sound."

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Deep Kick 1 DEEP_K1 Y
2 Resonant Kick 1 RESO_K1 Y
3 Sharp Kick SHARP_K Y
4 Attack Kick ATACK_K Y
5 Brush Swish Snare 1 SWIS_S1  
6 Brush Swish Snare 2 SWIS_S2  
7 Brush Swish Snare 3 SWIS_S3  
8 Brush Swish Snare 4 SWIS_S4  
9 Brush Slap Snare 1 SLAP_S1 Y
10 Brush Slap Snare 2 SLAP_S2 Y
11 Brush Slap Snare 3 SLAP_S3 Y
12 Brush Slap Snare 4 SLAP_S4 Y
13 Brush Roll Snare 1 ROLL_S1  
14 Brush Roll Snare 2 ROLL_S2  
15 Brush Roll Snare 3 ROLL_S3  
16 Brush Roll Snare 4 ROLL_S4  
17 Brush Slap Tom 1 SLAP_T1 Y
18 Brush Slap Tom 2 SLAP_T2 Y
19 Brush Slap Tom 3 SLAP_T3 Y
20 Brush Slap Tom 4 SLAP_T4 Y
21 Brush Closed Hi hat 1 BRCL_H1 Y
22 Brush Open Hi hat 1 BROP_H1 Y
23 Brush Crash Cymbal 1 BRCR_C1  
24 Brush Crash Cymbal 2 BRCR_C2  
25 Brush Ride Cymbal 1 BRRD_C1 Y
26 Acoustic Bass AC_BASS Y

 SN-R8-03 Sound Effects

SN-R8-03 Sound EffectsRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "JAMMING"

"This set of sound effects adds a colorful touch to the world of rhythm composers with various effects including gunshots, crashing glass and slamming doors. This card is ideal for use in commercial jingle production and techno-funk."

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Gong GONG  
2 Thud THUD  
3 Cannon CANNON Y
4 Door 1 DOOR1  
5 Door 2 DOOR2  
6 Car Door CARDOOR  
7 Gun GUN  
8 Glass Crash GLSCRSH  
9 Punch PUNCH  
10 Trash Can TRASH  
11 Back Trash Can BKTRASH  
12 Smash SMASH  
13 Slap 1 SLAP1  
14 Wow WOW  
15 Scratch Push SCRPUSH  
16 Scratch Pull SCRPULL  
17 Water WATER  
18 Switch SWITCH  
19 Lock LOCK  
20 Footstep FOOTSTP  
21 FInger Snap FNGSNAP  
22 Hubcap HUBCAP  
23 Drill DRILL  
24 Spray SPRAY  
25 Katana (sword) KATANA  
26 Nantoka NANTOKA  

 SN-R8-04 Electronic

SN-R8-04 ElectronicRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "WALKON"

"This selection includes electronic drums and electronic percussion highly suited for today's Pop, Electronic (Rap) and Euro-pop styles. Sounds such as Reverb Snare and Slap 2, as well as Synthesizer Bass and sounds from the popular TR-808 are included."

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Electronic Kick ELEC_K Y
2 Control Kick CTRL_K Y
3 Flanging Kick FLANG_K Y
4 808 Kick 808_K Y
5 Electronic Snare ELEC_S Y
6 Reverb Snare 2 RVB_S2 Y
7 Flanging Snare FLANG_S Y
8 808 Snare 808_S Y
9 808 Side Stick 808SIDE  
10 Bend Tom BEND_T Y
11 Electronic Tom ELEC_T Y
12 808 Tom 808_T Y
13 808 Closed Hi hat 808CHH Y
14 808 Open Hi hat 808OHH Y
15 Electronic Crash Cymbal EL_CRSH  
16 808 Ride Cymbal 808RIDE Y
17 Electronic Ride Bell EL_BELL Y
18 808 Conga 808CNG  
19 808 Maracas 808MARC  
20 808 Clave 808CLAV  
21 808 Cowbell 808COW  
22 Slap 2 SLAP2  
23 High Q HIGH_Q  
24 Rap Noise RAPNOIS  
25 Wood Box WOODBOX  
26 Synthesizer Bass SY_BASS  

 SN-R8-05 Jazz

SN-R8-05 JazzRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "BLOW-UP"

"A variety of popular jazz sounds suitable for styles ranging from standards to fusion are provided on this card. Sounds include a selection of kick drums, muted snares, riveted "sizzle" ride cymbals as well as fretless electric bass."

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Beater Kick BEAT_K Y
2 Full Low Kick FULL_K Y
3 Loose Kick LOOSE_K Y
4 Thin Kick THIN_K Y
5 Full Bright Kick BRITE_K Y
6 High Tune Snare 1 HIGH_S1 Y
7 High Tune Snare 2 HIGH_S2 Y
8 High Tune Rimshot Snare HI_SHOT Y
9 Mid Range Snare MID_S1 Y
10 Close Mute Snare CLOSE_S Y
11 Mild Mute Snare MILD_S Y
12 Cram Mute Snare CRAM_S Y
13 Side Stick 3 SIDSTK3  
14 Open Tom 1 OPEN_T1 Y
15 Open Tom 2 OPEN_T2 Y
16 Open Tom 3 OPEN_T3 Y
17 Open Tom 4 OPEN_T4 Y
18 Ringing Tom 1 RING_T1 Y
19 Ringing Tom 2 RING_T2 Y
20 Ringing Tom 3 RING_T3 Y
21 Ringing Tom 4 RING_T4 Y
22 Crash Cymbal 3 CRSH_C3  
23 Crash Cymbal 4 CRSH_C4  
24 Ride Cymbal With Rivet RIVETRD Y
25 Ride Bell Cymbal w/Rivet RIVETBL Y
26 Fretless Electric Bass FL_BASS Y

 SN-R8-06 Ethnic Percussion

SN-R8-06 Ethnic PercussionRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "SUMMIT*A"

"A wide variety of Asian, Mid-Eastern and African percussion sounds are provided including Indian Tabla and Baya, African Talking drums, Japanese hand drums and the huge Matsuridaiko (festival drum)."

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Tabla Na TABL_NA Y
2 Tabla Tun TABL_TN Y
3 Tabla Te TABL_TE  
4 Baya Ge BAYA_GE Y
5 Khole Na KHOLE Y
6 Madal Dhin MADAL Y
7 Rama Cymbal RAMACYM  
8 Darbuka Tik DARBK_T Y
9 Darbuka Dum DARBK_D Y
10 Bendir BENDIR Y
11 Req Tik REQ_TIK  
12 Req Dum REQ_DUM  
13 Djembe Center DJEMB_C Y
14 Djembe Rim DJEMB_R Y
15 Talking Drum TALK Y
16 Talking Drum Bend Up TALK_UP Y
17 Caxixi CAXIXI  
18 Thai Gong THAIGNG  
19 Tsuzumi High TUZUMIH Y
20 Tsuzumi Low TUZUMIL Y
21 Ohkawa OHKAWA  
22 Matsuridaiko MATURI Y
23 Matsuridaiko Rim MATURIR  
24 Shimedaiko SIMEDAI Y
25 Atarigane ATARI  
26 Hyoushigi HYOUSHI  

 SN-R8-07 Mallet

SN-R8-07 MalletRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "AVATAR"

"Features various percussive instruments such as marimbas and vibraphones along with ethnic sounds from around the world. While these authentic sounds can be used as they are, they can also function as raw materials for creating new original sounds using the edit function of the R-8."

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Marimba 1 MARIMB1 Y
2 Marimba 2 MARIMB2 Y
3 Marimba 3 MARIMB3 Y
4 Vibraphone 1 VIBE1 Y
5 Vibraphone 2 VIBE2 Y
6 Vibraphone 3 VIBE3 Y
7 Xylophone 1 XYLO1 Y
8 Xylophone 2 XYLO2 Y
9 Glockenspiel 1 GLOCKN1 Y
10 Glockenspiel 2 GLOCKN2 Y
11 Barafon 1 BARAFN1 Y
12 Barafon 2 BARAFN2 Y
13 Sanza 1 SANZA1 Y
14 Sanza 2 SANZA2 Y
15 Tubular Bell 1 T_BELL1 Y
16 Tubular Bell 2 T_BELL2 Y
17 Gender GENDER Y
18 Saran SARON Y
19 Bonang BONANG Y
20 Kenong KENONG Y
21 Wind Bell W_BELL Y
22 Orugohru ORUGORU Y
23 Matsumushi MATSU Y
24 Angklung ANGKLUN  
25 Spoke SPOKE Y
26 Finger Cymbals FINGCYM  

 SN-R8-08 Dry

SN-R8-08 DryRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "MULTIPLX"

"This card features on-mic recorded sounds from low-ambience rooms. Each of these "dry" sounds were recorded with no effects, and thus are ideally suited for professional recording applications"

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Muffled Kick MUFF_K Y
2 Whack Kick WHACK_K Y
3 Bump Kick BUMP_K Y
4 Thump Kick THUMP_K Y
5 Trample Kick TRAMP_K Y
6 Maple Snare MAPLE_S Y
7 Rimshot Snare 3 RIMSHT3 Y
8 Birch Snare BIRCH_S Y
9 Copper Snare COPP_S Y
10 Piccolo Snare 2 PICL_S2 Y
11 Beat Snare BEAT_S Y
12 Tin Shot Snare TIN_S Y
13 Dazzling Tom 1 DAZZ_T1 Y
14 Dazzling Tom 2 DAZZ_T2 Y
15 Dazzling Tom 3 DAZZ_T3 Y
16 Dazzling Tom 4 DAZZ_T4 Y
17 Pop Tom 1 POP_T1 Y
18 Pop Tom 2 POP_T2 Y
19 Pop Tom 3 POP_T3 Y
20 Pop Tom 4 POP_T4 Y
21 Rude Tom 1 RUDE_T1 Y
22 Rude Tom 2 RUDE_T2 Y
23 Rude Tom 3 RUDE_T3 Y
24 Rude Tom 4 RUDE_T4 Y
25 Crash Cymbal 5 CRSH_C5  
26 Chinese Cymbal CHINA_C  

 SN-R8-09 Power Drums U.S.A.

SN-R8-09 Power Drums U.S.A.Roland Sound Card Demo Song - "COCONUT"

"Features the hottest sounds emerging from Hollywood recording studios. Recorded with state-of-the-art EQ and sound processing techniques, these modern drum sounds are all "final mix", with no need for additional effects or processing."

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Face Kick FACE_K Y
2 Techno Kick TEKNO_K Y
3 Snap Kick SNAP_K Y
4 Gated Reverb Kick GATE_K Y
5 Real Snare REAL_S Y
6 Sharp Snare SHARP_S Y
7 Bright Snare BRITE_S Y
8 Solid Snare SOLID_S Y
9 Gated Reverb Snare GATE_S Y
10 Funk Snare FUNK_S Y
11 Ping Snare PING_S Y
12 Radio Snare RADIO_S Y
13 Small Snare SMALL_S Y
14 No Snares NO_SNRS Y
15 Echo Snare ECHO_S Y
16 Rock Snare 1 ROCK_S1 Y
17 Slam Snare SLAM_S Y
18 Side Stick 4 SIDSTK4  
19 Attack Tom 1 ATAK_T1 Y
20 Attack Tom 2 ATAK_T2 Y
21 Attack Tom 3 ATAK_T3 Y
22 Attack Tom 4 ATAK_T4 Y
23 Hollow Tom 1 HOLO_T1 Y
24 Hollow Tom 2 HOLO_T2 Y
25 Hollow Tom 3 HOLO_T3 Y
26 Hollow Tom 4 HOLO_T4 Y

 SN-R8-10 Dance

SN-R8-10 DanceRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "Swangin!"

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 TR-909 Kick 909_K Y
2 CR-78 Kick 78_K Y
3 Boing Kick BOING_K Y
4 Video Kick VIDEO_K Y
5 TR-909 Snare 909_S Y
6 CR-78 Snare 78_S Y
7 Boing Snare BOING_S Y
8 Video Snare VIDEO_S Y
9 Dance Snare DANCE_S Y
10 House Snare HOUSE_S Y
11 Trash Snare TRASH_S Y
12 TR-909 Side Stick 909SIDE  
13 TR-909 Tom Tom 909_T Y
14 TR-909 Closed Hi-Hat 909_CHH Y
15 TR-909 Open Hi-Hat 909_OHH Y
16 CR-78 Closed Hi-Hat 78_CHH Y
17 CR-78 Open Hi-Hat 78_OHH Y
18 Reverb Clap RVB_CLP  
19 CR-78 Cowbell 78_COW  
20 CR-78 Metallic Beat 78MBEAT  
21 CR-78 Guiro 78GUIRO  
22 CR-78 Tambourine 78_TAMB  
23 CR-78 Maracas 78_MARC  
24 CR-78 Bongo 78_BNG  
25 DR-55 Claves 55CLAVE  
26 TB-303 Bass 303BASS Y

 SN-R8-11 Metallic Percussion

SN-R8-11 Metallic PercussionRoland Sound Card Demo Song - "AsianGod"

No.Instrument NameR8 Display NameNuance
1 Closed Hi-Hat 2 CLSD_H2 Y
2 Open Hi-Hat OPEN_H2 Y
3 Pedal Closed Hi-Hat 2 PDAL_H2  
4 Closed Hi-Hat 3 CLSD_H3 Y
5 Open Hi-Hat 3 OPEN_H3 Y
6 Pedal Closed Hi-Hat 3 PDAL_H3  
7 Crash Cymbal 6 CRSH_C6  
8 Crash Cymbal 7 CRSH_C7  
9 Crash Cymbal 8 CRSH_C8  
10 Ride Cymbal 2 RIDE_C2 Y
11 Ride-Bell Cymbal 2 RD8L_C2 Y
12 Ride Cymbal Bell 2 BELL_C2  
13 Splash Cymbal 3 SPLA_C3  
14 Small Chinese Cymbal S_CHINA  
15 Hand Cymbals 1 HAND_C1  
16 Sleigh Bell SLEIBEL  
17 Ribbon Crasher RBN_CRS  
18 Spoons SPOONS  
19 Metal Castanets M_CASTA  
20 Metal Maracas M_MARC  
21 Cowbell 3 COWBEL3  
22 Flexatone FLXTONE  
23 Chime CHIME  
24 Satellite Drum STLlTDR  
25 Can 2 CAN2 Y
26 Bowl BOWL Y

Please note: None of the above cards are for sale or available to rent out. I can't supply anyone with samples from the R8 or any of the cards either.

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